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Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

20131124-201821.jpgI’ve recently taken to wearing a strand of pearls that used to belong to my mother. I believe my sister and I lifted them from her jewelry box when we were just little girls and she never got them back.

I’m not really sure why I’m so taken with them now but they seem to go with everything I want to wear.

From the first time I put them on they made me feel more confident somehow, more sophisticated, like I can take on the world! Kind of like wearing my own personal super-hero cape…only super-hero pearls?? It only makes sense when you think about seeing these timeless gems gracing the necks of affluent women like Margaret Thatcher and Jackie Onassis. The pearl is powerful.

Luckily for us pearls are not just for evening wear and 2 piece suits any more pearls can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or my personal favourite a button up collar under a sweater or cardigan. I feel that a simple single strand is all a girl needs but some people love to layer ’em up!

Here are some of my favourite pearlesque looks!











The Bright Door Trend

I’ve recently moved to a new neighbourhood in my city and on my daily walks around the old east hill area where I live I’ve noticed a trend in brightly painted doors! I think it’s pretty common place to see a red door (cue the Rolling Stones) but the bright blue and green are fabulous! If I didn’t think my land lady would lose her mind I’d be tempted to do the same!


After a little research online I discovered that there is indeed a trend in painting your front door a unique colour. It’s called “adding curb appeal”. Wow!

Here is a link to a Better Homes and Gardens video describing how to get this curb appeal. And  the 6 Absolute Best Paint Colours for Your Front Door from the Huffington Post featuring a photo gallery of nice bright eye-catching doors!

Button Christmas Card ~ I’m in love

Each  year I have the best intentions to send out Christmas cards to as many friends, family and clients as I can. Unfortunately each year I leave it too late and suddenly I find the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing and I’m looking at my Christmas card list realizing I’ve left it too late. This year I am determined to send as many heartfelt Merry Christmas’ as I can! But I want the greeting to be something unique, relatively inexpensive and preferably handmade.

Last year I found this card on Pinterest and it warmed my little seamstress heart. I can do this I have buttons galore and people will get it – seamstress – button….get it?


So the idea isn’t original oh well. I think the original comes from a stamp? Anyway, and so I brushed off my Illustrator skills, broke out some glue and voila!


What a festive way to use up some of my button collection! Ok admittedly I’m taking the lazy way out and gluing the buttons on but I can’t wait to make more and give them out!

How I did it – I printed the strings and bows on some antique looking 8×10 card stock, two cards per page. Cut in half and folded. I will write my own greeting on the inside but you could print your own on the opposite side. Here is the pdf of the template I designed. Feel free to use it to make your own button cards. christmascard


Another Christmas button decorations that caught my eye. Happy Holidays!


Puffed Quinoa beats Puffed Wheat


When I was a kid growing up in a family of 6, massive bags of puffed wheat cereal were practically a staple in our house. We liked them (with a little brown sugar of course).

Now that I’m older and wiser I’m looking for ways to eat healthier. When quinoa hit the health food limelight I jumped on board and cooked it up the traditional way for lunches
and dinners with veggies until one day while browsing Pinterest I found these Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls! And so off I went in search of the puffed quinoa. I haven’t actually made the peanut butter treats yet but as a cereal puffed quinoa fits the bill. The flavor is really kinda nutty and I like to throw some berries in there too. The brand I found at our gluten free market called Schroedter’s here in Prince Edward County is GoGo Quinoa.

Anyone have any other great ways to eat puffed quinoa? I imagine it would be excellent mixed in with a granola and on top of some yogurt or even a salad!

This Sweater is Hot!!

DSC_0669So every year when the weather gets cooler I turn to hooking. Crochet hooking that is. I love to browse new patterns on sites like, Pinterest and Etsy. In the past I’ve always stuck to simple straight scarves or chunky infinity scarves. Up until last year I like many others have been terrified to try to decipher an actual pattern! But crochet has become more of a meditation for me and the patience to actually experiment with stitches and styles has come with time.

In the past few months I have become increasingly aware of the slow fashion movement and I am all for it! This new realization has spurred me on to actually try a full fledged crochet garment and well I am proud to say here it is!


This sweater is 100% wool and is super warm. I see myself wearing this somewhere with a pair of skates this winter.

I used Patons Colorwul and a number 5 hook. I adore the colours in this yarn. I found this pattern online at Crochet Spot and it was surprisingly simple! Because of the bulkiness of the real wool I omitted the ribbing but I’m happy with the result!

I can proudly say I made this with my own two hands. It didn’t come from the mall or a discount clothing store. If you’re not into doing this yourself why not hire someone in your area to make you something hot too?! A handmade knit or crochet wool sweater would last a lifetime!

On to the next!


There is nothing like the feeling of being able to wear something you made with your own two hands to show off to the world and I, like millions of others, love a good fashion DIY.  The purpose of this section of my blog is to test out some of these clothing-making do it yourself instructions to see what the results will be.  If I have any suggestions or alterations I’ll plug them in here too. Maybe throw in a craft project or two and some general mending/repair tutorials. I’ll choose my favourite DIY’s from Pinterest as well as other blogs on the web to try so if you see one you really like suggestions are always welcome. Happy DIYing!