Monthly Archives: February 2014

Heart-Felt Page Markers

Here in beautiful Southern Ontario we have been getting hammered by snow. IMG_2433

Big snow, small snow, wet snow, fluffy snow and it’s been wreaking havock on the roads and highways and much to my chagrin I took a snow day on Wednesday.

As a small business owner this never gives you a YAY I get a day off kind of feeling, it’s more of an opportunity to stress a bit over the work you are not getting done while you are sitting at home.

So I occupied some of my time by making these adorable heart-felt page markers to sell at the shop! They’re simply adorable and make a nice little gift for the book lover in your life! It’s just two pieces of felt with the corners sewn together. I used a blanket stitch.


Rosemary Cracker Snacks

In my quest for healthier eating my number one goal is to find a snack that will replace my affinity for potato chips. I have made and do like roasted chic peas and edemame, fresh cut vegetables and all the rest of the suggested healthy snack alternatives but I needed something quick, something I could grab a small handful of and something that would go with soup, replacing saltines or other sodium, gluten rich soup buddies.

I totally scored when I found this recipe for Gluten Free Rosemary Crackers on Pinterest (of course)! Rosemary just happens to be my favourite herb and aside from meat dishes and sauces it’s not commonly found in a many food dishes.

The recipe is super simple and the main ingredient and the bulk of the cracker is blanched almond flour! Having never baked with almond flour before I was very curious to see how this turned out…..and voila!


A tasty little treat! These crackers are yummy with a little cream cheese spread on them and go hand in hand with tomato soup!

My first rosemary cracker batch turned out awesome but then I tried to push my somewhat limited culinary skills by doing a second batch with some coconut and dried cranberries which were ok but kinda meh I think adding a little honey or another natural sweetener was needed. I was really hoping for a sweet alternative to the savoury snack but that was a no go.

Another note: if you try this recipe, do not forget the salt. Almond flour is very bland without the salt which I accidentally discovered on my third try.