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Happy Girls are the Prettiest – sewing collage




Life Changing Crackers


It’s January in Ontario and like everyone else I vow to eat properly, exercise lots, stay away from sugar and alcohol and do it all indoors until April. But I never make entirely unrealistic promises to myself! I struggle because it’s winter, it’s cold and my natural Canadian instincts tell me it’s time to beef up against the elements. I need hearty, healthy meals and snacks that won’t be too hard to burn off before summer! During my search I found these tasty little bites: The Life Changing Cracker from My New Roots.

My curiosity was peaked by an ingredient in these crackers I’d never heard of called Psyllium Husk, also used in My New Roots Life Changing Loaf of Bread recipe (which I have also tried and enjoyed). Psyllium is the binding agent in these recipes and has many health benefits including promoting regularity and helping with managing cholesterol levels. Perfect!

The crackers are quick and easy to make and worth the little effort. Like most recipes you simply mix the dry ingredients together and the wet ingredients together and then combine the two.


My only complaint with this recipe is that I tend to want to whip them up quickly and forget that there is a minimum two hour wait time after you roll out the seed dough which I find a little messy to do. Hmph grumble grumble.


But I do find them delicious and I feel good when I eat them. I like mine with a little honey. How do you like your Life Changing Crackers?

Aztec inspired wool jacket

I love it when people donate fabrics and notions and other sewy things to my shop. Sometimes people have ideas for things they would like to have me make and I never see them again or they inevitably change their mind. Such was the case with this red wool and after three years of having it sit on the shelf I decided it was time to put it to good use.

I love this jacket. I love wool.

I was originally inspired by two jackets I have pinned on my Coats, Cover-ups and Jackets board on Pinterest. Actually maybe it’s more of a sweater than a jacket but potato potato. We will go with sweater jacket.


(Above) I liked the cozy wrappiness of this sweater as well as the geometric pattern and exaggerated shawl collar. (Below) I loved the centred design.


This is the result of my efforts here! It was a bit of a challenge measuring and cutting the indivdual shapes out of wool for the applique but the result is beautiful.




It’s available on my Etsy store here

New Year’s Hike at Frontenac Provincial Park

2015 brought me to a lot of new places and experiences thanks to someone I know who loves the great outdoors. Taking a hike (literally) was one of them. I had no idea there was so much to see and do outside in our area. I love spending this time connecting with nature and slowing things down for a while. In the past year I have hiked, snowshoed and rode a mountain bike on trails (I never saw myself doing that one!). 2016 is shaping up to be the same and I am excited to try winter camping and I might even ski!

To start the new year right on January 3rd we hiked at Frontenac Provincial Park in some beautiful freshly fallen snow. We had been to Frontenac for a hike back in October and it wasn’t one of my favourites but winter has given me a whole new appreciation for Frontenac. Here are some photos from the Arab Lake Gorge Loop and the Doe Lake trail.

The Arab Lake Gorge Loop is 1.5 km of beauty and boasts an extensive boardwalk.

Doe Lake Trail is a nice hike too. This loop skirts two beaver ponds, climbs to a lookout over Doe Lake and returns along the shore of Otter Lake. The trail explores some of the landforms found in the southern zone of Frontenac Provincial Park.