Aztec inspired wool jacket

I love it when people donate fabrics and notions and other sewy things to my shop. Sometimes people have ideas for things they would like to have me make and I never see them again or they inevitably change their mind. Such was the case with this red wool and after three years of having it sit on the shelf I decided it was time to put it to good use.

I love this jacket. I love wool.

I was originally inspired by two jackets I have pinned on my Coats, Cover-ups and Jackets board on Pinterest. Actually maybe it’s more of a sweater than a jacket but potato potato. We will go with sweater jacket.


(Above) I liked the cozy wrappiness of this sweater as well as the geometric pattern and exaggerated shawl collar. (Below) I loved the centred design.


This is the result of my efforts here! It was a bit of a challenge measuring and cutting the indivdual shapes out of wool for the applique but the result is beautiful.




It’s available on my Etsy store here


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