Are you a 30-something still trying to get a grasp on your passion in life? Good me too!
Do you like to read about other peoples experiences trying to do just that? Good me too!
Do you also like to read about small business experience, sewing/fashion, books and healthy food and cocktail recipes? Yes? Then you my friend are in the right place!

I am going to do my best with this blog to share my experiences and expertise all while working on nailing down living my passions in life! Follow along and let’s swap stories. I’ll take any advice or criticism I can get!

I started Herringbone & Heather as a creative writing outlet while running my small business in custom sewing and alterations. I have to be honest this is my sixth blog attempt. Blogging just kept getting lost in the fray.

Before my direction got muddled I knew I wanted to work for a fashion/lifestyle magazine. I wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to design clothing.

So I got a degree in Fashion Design and then I got a degree in Journalism. After getting laid off from my editing job at a local newspaper I started my small business. I thought that having a sewing business and working for myself would allow me the space and time to write and design. Nope.

Here is my first piece of advice: don’t take the long way around. Doing clothing alterations and designing for other people was my safety net. I did this instead of having the cahones to just go for what I really wanted. Six years later I have closed my small business and I’m ready to take the leap. It’s scary but thrilling times.

So welcome to my blog. I hope you will find it fun, informative and enlightening. I hope there’s discussion about passion and purpose and whatever else comes our way!



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