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Rosemary Cracker Snacks

In my quest for healthier eating my number one goal is to find a snack that will replace my affinity for potato chips. I have made and do like roasted chic peas and edemame, fresh cut vegetables and all the rest of the suggested healthy snack alternatives but I needed something quick, something I could grab a small handful of and something that would go with soup, replacing saltines or other sodium, gluten rich soup buddies.

I totally scored when I found this recipe for Gluten Free Rosemary Crackers¬†on Pinterest (of course)! Rosemary just happens to be my favourite herb and aside from meat dishes and sauces it’s not commonly found in a many food dishes.

The recipe is super simple and the main ingredient and the bulk of the cracker is blanched almond flour! Having never baked with almond flour before I was very curious to see how this turned out…..and voila!


A tasty little treat! These crackers are yummy with a little cream cheese spread on them and go hand in hand with tomato soup!

My first rosemary cracker batch turned out awesome but then I tried to push my somewhat limited culinary skills by doing a second batch with some coconut and dried cranberries which were ok but kinda meh I think adding a little honey or another natural sweetener was needed. I was really hoping for a sweet alternative to the savoury snack but that was a no go.

Another note: if you try this recipe, do not forget the salt. Almond flour is very bland without the salt which I accidentally discovered on my third try.