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Puffed Quinoa beats Puffed Wheat


When I was a kid growing up in a family of 6, massive bags of puffed wheat cereal were practically a staple in our house. We liked them (with a little brown sugar of course).

Now that I’m older and wiser I’m looking for ways to eat healthier. When quinoa hit the health food limelight I jumped on board and cooked it up the traditional way for lunches
and dinners with veggies until one day while browsing Pinterest I found these Puffed Quinoa Peanut Butter Balls! And so off I went in search of the puffed quinoa. I haven’t actually made the peanut butter treats yet but as a cereal puffed quinoa fits the bill. The flavor is really kinda nutty and I like to throw some berries in there too.┬áThe brand I found at our gluten free market called Schroedter’s here in Prince Edward County is GoGo Quinoa.

Anyone have any other great ways to eat puffed quinoa? I imagine it would be excellent mixed in with a granola and on top of some yogurt or even a salad!