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Button Christmas Card ~ I’m in love

Each  year I have the best intentions to send out Christmas cards to as many friends, family and clients as I can. Unfortunately each year I leave it too late and suddenly I find the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing and I’m looking at my Christmas card list realizing I’ve left it too late. This year I am determined to send as many heartfelt Merry Christmas’ as I can! But I want the greeting to be something unique, relatively inexpensive and preferably handmade.

Last year I found this card on Pinterest and it warmed my little seamstress heart. I can do this I have buttons galore and people will get it – seamstress – button….get it?


So the idea isn’t original oh well. I think the original comes from a stamp? Anyway, and so I brushed off my Illustrator skills, broke out some glue and voila!


What a festive way to use up some of my button collection! Ok admittedly I’m taking the lazy way out and gluing the buttons on but I can’t wait to make more and give them out!

How I did it – I printed the strings and bows on some antique looking 8×10 card stock, two cards per page. Cut in half and folded. I will write my own greeting on the inside but you could print your own on the opposite side. Here is the pdf of the template I designed. Feel free to use it to make your own button cards. christmascard


Another Christmas button decorations that caught my eye. Happy Holidays!