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This Sweater is Hot!!

DSC_0669So every year when the weather gets cooler I turn to hooking. Crochet hooking that is. I love to browse new patterns on sites like Ravelry.com, Pinterest and Etsy. In the past I’ve always stuck to simple straight scarves or chunky infinity scarves. Up until last year I like many others have been terrified to try to decipher an actual pattern! But crochet has become more of a meditation for me and the patience to actually experiment with stitches and styles has come with time.

In the past few months I have become increasingly aware of the slow fashion movement and I am all for it! This new realization has spurred me on to actually try a full fledged crochet garment and well I am proud to say here it is!


This sweater is 100% wool and is super warm. I see myself wearing this somewhere with a pair of skates this winter.

I used Patons Colorwul and a number 5 hook. I adore the colours in this yarn. I found this pattern online at Crochet Spot and it was surprisingly simple! Because of the bulkiness of the real wool I omitted the ribbing but I’m happy with the result!

I can proudly say I made this with my own two hands. It didn’t come from the mall or a discount clothing store. If you’re not into doing this yourself why not hire someone in your area to make you something hot too?! A handmade knit or crochet wool sweater would last a lifetime!

On to the next!