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Trapunto – a Punchy Little Sewing Technique


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Oh Trapunto! You little devil making a clothing comeback! I’m seeing trapunto stitching on some ready to wear these days and I like it!

I call it a punchy stitch technique because I just love saying the word. It packs a little punch don’t you think? It makes me want to say it with a deep voice, a hard pun and elongated ooooooo. You know? TraPUNtoooooo!

Trapunto is actually a dowdy little quilting technique. I can’t stand it there. I don’t get quilting to be honest with you. A quilting project takes hours and hours of time and the effect is beautiful but you can’t wear it.

You can however wear a trapunto stitched garment. This technique I love. It’s very simple but adds a nice touch to an otherwise plain garment. Most of the trapunto stitching I’ve seen on garments are just straight rows of evenly spaced straight stitch.


I recently made a copy of a Vera Wang bridesmaids dress for a pregnant gal. It’s this dress below only made in blush pink and designed with a little more room for the baby bump! Pictured above is the belt from that dress.


Gorgeous dress. And the belt? Trapunto style stitching! It just adds that extra bit of flair to an otherwise simple silhouette.




Trapunto, from the Italian for “to quilt,” is a method of quilting that is also called “stuffed technique.” A puffy, decorative feature, trapunto utilizes at least two layers, the underside of which is slit and padded, producing a raised surface on the quilt.


I didn’t stuff the belt or pad it. I simply folded the satin 4 times and stitched 10 even lines through the fabric. The thickness of the layered fabric gave it the little bit of puffiness it needed. Vera Wang may have padded theirs with a thin batting or something which is another option.


Here’s a Joe Fresh dress I bought last year that has the same sort of stitching around the neck opening.

Two more good examples of trapunto stitching on denim.

Do you have any great examples of trapunto stitching on garments?? I’d love to see them!


In the Navy – a Wool Coat Redux

There are a lot, I mean a lot of wool coats floating through thrift stores. Beautifully designed garments crafted from gorgeous natural fibres like pure virgin wool, cashmere and angora. It breaks my heart to see them hanging there, abandoned and unwanted just because their shoulders are (way) too wide or the lapel crosses too low. In other words they are really great fabric but totally out of date in style. So this year I decided to do something about it.

A few of these amazing specimens are purchased by crafters and sewers alike to turn into repurposed mittens and needle felted projects or shabby chic decor. Those are all awesome ways to make good use of what’s being wasted. I however have vowed to maintain their intended purpose as wool coats by giving them a make-over. Here is coat numero uno.


This is the before coat (sorry for the poor photo the light was bad).


This coat was a no brainer to choose for a re-do. Number one there’s lots of it, it’s a big, long coat and the navy colour of the wool stands out on it’s own. As far as design goes though, I was inspired by the moto style of coat. I liked the off-centre zipper and high collar. I think it is a stylish silhouette.

Another reason I was attracted to this coat is that it had a Toronto Heritage label in it. I’m hoping to repurpose mostly made in Canada garments. After some research I have still come up empty handed on what Toronto Heritage clothing was but I thank them for the coat. If anyone can pass on any info. about this company that would be greatly appreciated.

I reattached the original labels and used the original lining to keep as much authenticity intact. And there you have it!



Heart-Felt Page Markers

Here in beautiful Southern Ontario we have been getting hammered by snow. IMG_2433

Big snow, small snow, wet snow, fluffy snow and it’s been wreaking havock on the roads and highways and much to my chagrin I took a snow day on Wednesday.

As a small business owner this never gives you a YAY I get a day off kind of feeling, it’s more of an opportunity to stress a bit over the work you are not getting done while you are sitting at home.

So I occupied some of my time by making these adorable heart-felt page markers to sell at the shop! They’re simply adorable and make a nice little gift for the book lover in your life! It’s just two pieces of felt with the corners sewn together. I used a blanket stitch.

Pinterest Yarn Letter Win!


This is not a wearable DIY but it is a pretty cool one. I had some beautiful new signage made for the Case Clothed new location, unfortunately the weather here has been so crummy and cold and snowy that it will be awhile before they get mounted.

I needed to come up with a way for people to notice my new location without taping tacky computer printed sheets of paper to the windows. Then I remembered seeing this pin on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go. Cardboard letters wrapped in yarn! Simple enough….right?

It took forever! I don’t know if I picked the three most difficult letters to wind but it was time consuming. The materials cost me about $20, I used cardboard for letters instead of wood (mainly because I couldn’t actually find wood letters to cover).

In the end I’m happy with the results and they look fabulous in the shop.

Button Christmas Card ~ I’m in love

Each  year I have the best intentions to send out Christmas cards to as many friends, family and clients as I can. Unfortunately each year I leave it too late and suddenly I find the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing and I’m looking at my Christmas card list realizing I’ve left it too late. This year I am determined to send as many heartfelt Merry Christmas’ as I can! But I want the greeting to be something unique, relatively inexpensive and preferably handmade.

Last year I found this card on Pinterest and it warmed my little seamstress heart. I can do this I have buttons galore and people will get it – seamstress – button….get it?


So the idea isn’t original oh well. I think the original comes from a stamp? Anyway, and so I brushed off my Illustrator skills, broke out some glue and voila!


What a festive way to use up some of my button collection! Ok admittedly I’m taking the lazy way out and gluing the buttons on but I can’t wait to make more and give them out!

How I did it – I printed the strings and bows on some antique looking 8×10 card stock, two cards per page. Cut in half and folded. I will write my own greeting on the inside but you could print your own on the opposite side. Here is the pdf of the template I designed. Feel free to use it to make your own button cards. christmascard


Another Christmas button decorations that caught my eye. Happy Holidays!


This Sweater is Hot!!

DSC_0669So every year when the weather gets cooler I turn to hooking. Crochet hooking that is. I love to browse new patterns on sites like Ravelry.com, Pinterest and Etsy. In the past I’ve always stuck to simple straight scarves or chunky infinity scarves. Up until last year I like many others have been terrified to try to decipher an actual pattern! But crochet has become more of a meditation for me and the patience to actually experiment with stitches and styles has come with time.

In the past few months I have become increasingly aware of the slow fashion movement and I am all for it! This new realization has spurred me on to actually try a full fledged crochet garment and well I am proud to say here it is!


This sweater is 100% wool and is super warm. I see myself wearing this somewhere with a pair of skates this winter.

I used Patons Colorwul and a number 5 hook. I adore the colours in this yarn. I found this pattern online at Crochet Spot and it was surprisingly simple! Because of the bulkiness of the real wool I omitted the ribbing but I’m happy with the result!

I can proudly say I made this with my own two hands. It didn’t come from the mall or a discount clothing store. If you’re not into doing this yourself why not hire someone in your area to make you something hot too?! A handmade knit or crochet wool sweater would last a lifetime!

On to the next!