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The Grilled Cheese Phenomenon

Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich. Not your average Kraft slice, white bread, grilled cheese like mom used to make (although who can resist especially with some Campbell’s tomato soup? Am I wrong huh? HUH?).

This grilled cheese was sophisticated. I added some grainy Dijon mustard and thinly sliced tomato to my Balderson’s 5 year old cheddar and it was divine!

In the last couple years the grilled cheese has been making a significant come back. Now seen on the pages of popular restaurant menus this childhood comfort food is getting dressed up in fig, garganzola and spinach (not necessarily together) and why not?

Now you may not have random gourmet ingredients relaxing in your fridge waiting for their moment to shine but that’s ok. The great thing about grilled cheese is anything goes. I like to add some shaved turkey sometimes if I have any sandwich meat or avocado (great way to use it if it’s going brown). The sky is the limit.

If you are ever in the Toronto fashion district looking for a gourmet grilled cheese I highly recommend the Shanghai Cowgirl.

Here is a link to directions for making the Perfect Grilled Cheese.

And the History of the Grilled Cheese here.