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In the Navy – a Wool Coat Redux

There are a lot, I mean a lot of wool coats floating through thrift stores. Beautifully designed garments crafted from gorgeous natural fibres like pure virgin wool, cashmere and angora. It breaks my heart to see them hanging there, abandoned and unwanted just because their shoulders are (way) too wide or the lapel crosses too low. In other words they are really great fabric but totally out of date in style. So this year I decided to do something about it.

A few of these amazing specimens are purchased by crafters and sewers alike to turn into repurposed mittens and needle felted projects or shabby chic decor. Those are all awesome ways to make good use of what’s being wasted. I however have vowed to maintain their intended purpose as wool coats by giving them a make-over. Here is coat numero uno.


This is the before coat (sorry for the poor photo the light was bad).


This coat was a no brainer to choose for a re-do. Number one there’s lots of it, it’s a big, long coat and the navy colour of the wool stands out on it’s own. As far as design goes though, I was inspired by the moto style of coat. I liked the off-centre zipper and high collar. I think it is a stylish silhouette.

Another reason I was attracted to this coat is that it had a Toronto Heritage label in it. I’m hoping to repurpose mostly made in Canada garments. After some research I have still come up empty handed on what Toronto Heritage clothing was but I thank them for the coat. If anyone can pass on any info. about this company that would be greatly appreciated.

I reattached the original labels and used the original lining to keep as much authenticity intact. And there you have it!




Aztec inspired wool jacket

I love it when people donate fabrics and notions and other sewy things to my shop. Sometimes people have ideas for things they would like to have me make and I never see them again or they inevitably change their mind. Such was the case with this red wool and after three years of having it sit on the shelf I decided it was time to put it to good use.

I love this jacket. I love wool.

I was originally inspired by two jackets I have pinned on my Coats, Cover-ups and Jackets board on Pinterest. Actually maybe it’s more of a sweater than a jacket but potato potato. We will go with sweater jacket.


(Above) I liked the cozy wrappiness of this sweater as well as the geometric pattern and exaggerated shawl collar. (Below) I loved the centred design.


This is the result of my efforts here! It was a bit of a challenge measuring and cutting the indivdual shapes out of wool for the applique but the result is beautiful.




It’s available on my Etsy store here